On-Site Customized Training
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Rodney Thomas Training Center Director 307-995-4409 Email
Wendy Willoughby Training and Apprenticeship Manager 307-995-4410 Email
Steve Hinton Facilities and Equipment Manager 307-277-5711 Email
Katie Legerski Executive Director (Association) 307-631-9602 Email
Bonnie Cannon Government and Communication Affairs 307-350-7009 Email
Thomas Finley Lead Construction and Transportation Instructor 307-267-0171 Email
Erin Lamb Member Services & Event Coordinator 307-632-0573 Email
Paul Nash Recruiter 307-262-4222 Email
Melissa Wixom Admin Ass't. (Training Center) Casper Office 307-237-4400 Email
Traci Young Staff Accountant I 307-237-4400 Email
Moses Alvarez Instructor 307-237-4400 Email
Abel Ortiz Instructor 307-237-4400 Email
Tony Nolasco Instructor 307-237-4400 Email
Ada Haller Cafeteria 307-237-4400 Email