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AGC Construction Supervision Fundamentals – Sessions 1 – 9

February 08, 2022 All Day

Subjects covered include:

Upon completion of the activities in this session, you will be able to:

Session 1

  • Identify the supervisory structure.
  • Explain your company mission and values.
  • Apply values to create and sustain a work culture.
  • Explain the role of human resources professionals.
  • Identify legal requirements for supervisors.
  • Recognize and value diversity in the workforce.
  • Define the requirements of the supervisor in eliminating discrimination.
  • Explain how to identify and eliminate harassment on the jobsite.

Session 2

  • Define the basic elements of construction supervision.
  • Identify, organize and prioritize supervision responsibilities.
  • Describe how to build relationships using various leadership styles.
  • Explain leadership and motivation characteristics.
  • Describe examples of good leadership.

Session 3

  • Recognize the supervisor’s role in communication.
  • Describe barriers to communication and how to eliminate them.
  • Recognize and define the different forms of communication.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Describe good practices for electronic communication devices.
  • Describe how to be a good listener.
  • Describe how to handle confrontations effectively.
  • Describe requirements for giving orders and providing instruction.

Session 4

  • Define the importance of planning and organizing your work.
  • Identify effective time management techniques.
  • Describe how to minimize non-productive activities.
  • Explain the need to maximize the return on your time investment.
  • Describe how to reduce stress through better management of your time.
  • Explain each step in the eight-step planning process.
  • Develop a work plan.
  • Utilize schedules to identify activities, their durations and activity relationships.
  • Develop a bar (Gantt) chart.
  • Develop a short-term production schedule.

Session 5

  • Describe benefits of a safe and healthful workplace.
  • Define the supervisor’s responsibility for safety.
  • Explain how safety affects a company’s competitive position and profitability.
  • Recognize stress characteristics and their impact on safe performance.
  • Identify hazards and plan ways to eliminate or reduce them.
  • List the direct and indirect costs of an accident.
  • Explain how EMR rates affect your company’s ability to compete.
  • Describe OSHA/MSHA administrative requirements and standards.
  • Recognize the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on productivity and safety.
  • Identify risk potential at all levels of your project.
  • Explain the risk/reward concept.

Session 6

  • Describe different contract documents to define roles and responsibilities.
  • Explain the requirements for change orders.
  • Describe how to manage change orders and make them a profit center.
  • Explain different time impacts that can affect your schedule.
  • Explain that the Dispute Resolution Process stresses resolving disputes at the lowest possible level.
  • Describe the guidelines of contract law for your work.
  • Describe Contract Documents and your responsibilities.

Session 7

  • Describe the importance of accurately identifying problems.
  • Describe the perspective of a problem-solving attitude.
  • Identify potential solutions to problems.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Use the seven-step decision-making process.

Session 8

  • Describe how a construction estimate is established.
  • Explain the difference between conceptual and detailed estimates.
  • Develop material estimates.
  • Describe how to use unit prices to control labor and equipment budgets.
  • Describe how to measure productivity of equipment and labor.
  • Explain how to increase productivity.
  • Describe means for improving labor productivity.
  • List ten steps to improve equipment productivity.
  • Identify ways to improve productivity of suppliers and specialty contractors.

Session 9

  • Review concepts and key elements of each session.
  • Recognize and understand the career opportunities available to people working in the construction industry.
  • Determine educational opportunities, including AGC programs, which offer training to prepare a person for advancement in the construction industry.
  • Assess the level of skills and knowledge necessary to advance your career.
  • Plan for career advancement.


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