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Meeting Room and Classroom Configurations

Classroom Style

Classroom-StyleRows of tables with 2 or 3 chairs at each one, with tables arranged to face the front of the room. Appropriate when the conference is an informational type presentation. The presenters are providing the information, with some dialogue with the audience.

Conference Style

Conference-Style-BSix-foot conference tables clustered in the center of the room to form one solid surface or hollow square. Chairs are placed around the perimeter of the tables. Small "brainstorming" sessions when the group does not have a designated presenter/leader. They provide plenty of workspace for each person and good communication/visual lines for each participant.


U-ShapeSix-foot conference tables placed end to end in the room to form the shape of a U. Chairs are placed around the outside of the U. Small groups that require conversations between the presenter and audience, as well as conversations between the participants.

Theater Style

Theater-StyleRows of chairs facing the front of the room, usually divided by center and/or side aisles. Maximizes meeting room space utilization. Theater works well when the audience needs to take minimal notes and/or the presentation is 2 hours or less in length.