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Code of Conduct

A Proper Code of Conduct Must be Followed Throughout the Course

  • No pranks, practical jokes or horseplay
  • No hazing
  • No teasing, racial slurs or discrimination of others around you, based on race, creed, color or gender
  • No profanity/cursing
  • Sexually explicit acts or harassment towards either males or females will not be tolerated
  • Any rude conduct can be grounds for termination
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas
  • No smoking on or around the equipment
  • E-Cigarette use is not allowed inside any buildings including the shop. There is a designated smoking area for E-Cigarette use when outside
  • Students are required to report to class each day at the specific time designated by the instructor or recruiter
  • Break times are to be strictly adhered to

Proper Dress Code is Required Daily

  • No cutoffs or shorts
  • No tank tops or shirts with less than 4 inch sleeves
  • No piercings, plugs, chains or jewelry of any kind
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment is required at all time outside of the class room
  • Approved hard hat
  • Steel Toe shoes
  • Z87 Approved Safety Glasses – clear lenses must be used on cloudy or dimly lit occasions
  • Work gloves only must be worn. No leather gloves will be accepted
  • Ear protection is to be used where applicable
  • Respiratory protection is to be used where applicable

Motel Requirements

  • No alcoholic beverages in personal vehicles
  • No smoking inside the rooms if roommate is a non-smoker
  • Stealing from your classmates will not be tolerated
  • Respect for others must be considered at all times
  • Each team will be responsible for the motel accommodations
  • If you break it, you buy it
  • Each student is responsible for their own conduct towards other students and guests that the motel
  • Students are responsible for any additional charges to their rooms

Training Center and Motel Property Requirements

  • No driving above posted speed limits. No Exceptions!
  • Back vehicle into parking space
  • Driving will only be allowed in unrestricted areas, which will be marked and pointed out to you during your orientation
  • No littering
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas
  • No pornographic material will be allowed on WCA’s Regional Training Center property or in motel
  • Destruction of WCA’s Regional Training Center property or other students’ personal property will not be tolerated

NOTE: Failure to comply with these requirements will be considered a violation of our Code of Conduct Policy and may result in your dismissal from the course and removal from WCA’s Regional Training Center property, contract motel, and the forfeiture of your entrance fees. Failure to provide WCAMTC with valid enrollment documentation required for the course being attended could result in being released from the course. Criminal behavior may result in prosecution.